Therapy for Electro Magnetic Stress

Magnetic Field Discomfort - Why does it happen?

All living things have electromagnetic fields. While there is life in a living body, there is an invisible electromagnetic field radiating from it. The Earth has its own field, as do inanimate things animals and plants. This is not a religious concept - it just is! A field is a force. It exerts a force on another field. The stronger force affects the weaker force. We are being affected by all our magnetic energy pollution. Some people are becoming aware of physical, mental and emotional sensations. Doctors cannot explain why we are feeling some of the symptoms we do.


We can feel Itching, vibrating, prickling, tingling, stinging or crawling sensations, have alterations in eating and sleeping patterns, episodes of extreme hyperactivity or, conversely, overwhelming fatigue, headaches, pressures within the skull and the most common discomforts at the moment are - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irregular Heartbeat, Tight Stocking Syndrome (numbness, hot/cold flowing on the body/face). But there are many others. Sometimes these symptoms can accompany an awareness transformation - a "spiritual experience" which will make you very sensitive to magnetic fields but you can also suffer problems from working/living in strong magnetic fields.

What can really improve the way you feel is to do this:


Check your clothes.

Natural fibers have natural electromagnetic fields. Get a silk - REAL silk -scarf or square - or better yet 2.5 m of it (soft silk) which you can use as a sheet, scarf, petticoat or for your body/hair rub. Silk has an especially high electromagnetic charge.

Likewise, night attire is important for it is at night that you re-charge your batteries. Sleep in silk.


Before bed, OIL YOURSELF with a fine layer of oil. You could mix up a bottle of half Sesame Oil and half Olive Oil with a few drops of fragrant oil. These are quite heavy oils - you could use half Grape seed oil to make your mixture "lighter" - experiment! Make a big bottle of this to keep in your bathroom. Cold pressed oil is alive - it carries light and will share its natural energy field with you - and you need oil on your skin when you sleep in silk and a hint of it will still be on your skin for your morning silk rub down.

Get up early and rub yourself with silk to increase your electromagnetic field before dressing. Try to wear silk as much as possible in the daytime too.

Try to have a quiet prayer, meditation or time for contemplation.

Explanations -
Justification for daily Prayer/quite time/contemplation. During this practice, as in sleep, we heal ourselves both emotionally and physically. Time magazine reports that people who meditate regularly are more healthy and younger than others of their age.

Justification for rubbing the skin with silk on waking - (or sleeping in silk). Silk works up an electrical field around you (silk plus oil plus friction makes an electrical charge).

This practice is about stabilizing our own magnetic fields rather than medication or religion.

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