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Before a consultation "Required Reading" must be done—see the articles listed below.

Bee has been researching health for over 26 years, and her goal is to help others achieve optimal health by applying "Nature's Fundamental Laws on Health & Healing" mainly with proper nutrition and elimination of toxins.

Bee is not a doctor so she cannot advise you about medical diagnosis or medications, however she can offer you her extensive knowledge on properly balanced nutrition, how the body heals itself naturally, and natural remedies and treatments—please see Bee's Medical Disclaimer.

This is a Self–Help Healing Program so "required reading" must be done prior to a consultation with Bee because it is important that you understand the program, agree with it, and be able to do it. It is a waste of consultation time for Bee to repeat information found in her articles or to teach you over the phone. See the articles below that are "required reading" prior to a consultation.

The cost is $50.00 US per hour, paid by PayPal.

Bee lives in Canada, Eastern Time Zone, and does consultations before 12:00 Noon her time.

If you live in North America (Canada or U.S.) Bee will call you.

If you live outside North America you must call Bee. After confirming that you can call, Bee will email her phone number after setting up a mutually agreed upon day and time for your phone call.

If your consultation form does not include enough information, your consultation time will be used up to get clarification by email so a proper consultation can be done.

Required Reading Prior to a Consultation

Prior to your consultation you are required to read these articles, and agree with Bee's nutrition program. After you confirm in writing to Bee you have done the "required reading" she will schedule a time and day for your consultation.

Required reading: Even if you do not have candida this health program improves anyone's health since it provides the combination of nutrients all Humans require in order to be healthy as proved by these Success Stories, please read these two articles:

  1. Overall Healing Program.
  2. How to Get Started.

How to Set Up Your Consultation with Bee

Note, if you only have a cell phone ensure you can receive calls from Canada and whether your cell phone plan charges for calls from Canada.

  1. Fill in the form below as completely as you can. After the form is completed click "Send to Bee" and you will receive a Thank You page confirming your Consultation Request was sent to Bee.
  2. Pay through PayPal, either on the Thank You page or below.
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