Warum habe ich nie genug Geld? Im Geld-Fluss sein: konkrete, metaphysische Tipps

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Dieser Artikel ist von Montalk für Menschen geschrieben, die sich mit folgenden Fragen beschäftigen:


  • Warum habe ich nie genug Geld?
  • Womit soll ich überhaupt in meinem Leben Geld verdienen?
  • Warum mache ich mir immer Sorgen, dass ich nie genug Geld habe?
  • Wie kann ich den Geldfluss in meinem Leben vermehren?
  • Was ist Geld überhaupt?

Die Antworten bzw. Einsichten, die Montalk formuliert, führen in eine tiefergehende, metaphysisch, innerpsychische Betrachtungsweise, dessen, worum es beim Geldfluss eigentlich geht.



Metaphysics: Opening The Flow

Metaphysics - Opening the Flow


By Montalk


Guest Writer for Wake Up World



Have you ever been under distressing financial circumstances, expecting to fall into an abyss of poverty with the next emergency expense? How many times have you suffered the worst of your expectations? How many times did help come from unexpected places to get you through despite the worst of odds?



Our expectations come from what we have been programmed to expect. What actually happens depends on the laws of reality deciding the nature of our experiences. Those who pay attention will see that what actually happens is most often at odds with what is expected. Why do our plans and anticipations about the future rarely happen the way we envision them? Why are our programmed expectations so different from our actual experiences?


The answer is that many of these expectations are control mechanisms grafted onto us by the Matrix Control System…



From birth we are indoctrinated through school, social programming, media and culture to believe in a backward system of limitations and motivations that have nothing to do with our true potential or reason for being here. We are taught what is taboo and what is respectable, what is possible and what is not, what goals to shoot for and what path to follow to achieve those goals. This indoctrination is so complete that most of us accept its precepts as common sense and tend to fight or disbelieve any suggestions that reality could be to the contrary, even if these suggestions come from our own life experiences.



The system of assumptions we are offered by the Matrix is only a simulacra of reality, a manipulated copy posing as the original. It seems perfectly legitimate until you explore territory not covered by the impostor version of reality, then true reality shines through. By daring to do the impossible, pushing the limits, you begin seeing glimpses of a higher realm of possibility.


Often we don’t have the guts to push the envelope but are nonetheless thrust into these forbidden territories through seemingly unfortunate circumstances: financial disasters, emergencies, ultimatums, and unavoidable risks. And just when failure seems certain, the unexpected happens: money comes from an unexpected source, a needed opportunity arrives just in the nick of time, everything amazingly falls into place.



Most people encountering these last minute miracles pass them off as freak exceptions to the rule, nothing that can be relied upon as a common occurrence. But what these people don’t realize is that as far as life experiences go, the anomalies of yesterday can become the norm of tomorrow. In other words, rather than being “freak” anomalies, they are manifestations of higher laws that are just as immutable as the laws of science. Still, these higher laws tend to go unnoticed by people who have bought into the control system and keep their noses to the ground.



The higher laws of reality are yours to employ if you can muster sufficient courage to live by them. There is no guarantee for the future other than what was guaranteed in the past. Reflect upon your unusual positive past experiences and know that the principles behind their manifestation shall continue to hold true in the future. They are failsafe and dependable principles that can be applied with some faith. This faith is not blind faith, but one based on real experience, of having previously glimpsed the next stage and confidently knowing it exists and can be reached.



Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only I had the money, I would…” do something positive, buy what you need, fulfill your dreams? Well, realize that if your motivation is pure and wise, then the money is already secured.


… money flows from unexpected sources. (Cassiopaean Transcripts)


By first taking a leap of faith toward your goal without worrying about the material means to get there, these material means automatically fall into place. That is a type of financial security guaranteed by higher laws. You know these laws are valid because they have always worked and will therefore always continue to work.


When one worries first about money, the trap is set. When one pursues one’s passion, all else falls into place. What you do not yet allow yourself to understand is that this principle never, ever fails. But you certainly are not alone. The 4th density STS programmers relish the thought. (Cassiopaean Transcripts)


Some will have doubts because this goes entirely opposite our programmed expectations and “common sense.” The Matrix tells us that to reach a goal, we must first secure the financial means. This security is offered through credit cards, financing, loans, or savings, all of which require no faith or understanding of higher laws to secure, only ambition and soul-bargaining. While this certainly works, it is inefficient because to attain the goal this way, you must give up either some energy or freedom in exchange for security. Evidently, ignorance of the higher creates slavery to the lower.


There are no limits, just controls… The knowledge gives one all the necessary tools to overcome the controls. (Cassiopaean Transcripts)


There are no limits other than those we assume through our ignorant beliefs or bring upon ourselves through unwise choices. Although opening the flow requires that we cast aside limiting assumptions and expand our beliefs to include higher truths, this does not allows us to also escape having to complete what was initiated by past choices. Financial debt, marriage, children, binding contracts and obligations – these are continuing consequences of choices once made. They cannot be immediately eliminated with a simple change of attitude, which may be discouraging for those who wish to avoid responsibility.



But there is cause for hope. Just as the past affects the present, so does the present affect the future. No matter how burdened your life is right now, tomorrow can be better if you choose to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with higher principles and thereby initiate consequences that liberate instead of bind.



As Inside, So Outside


To open the flow, you must be free of fear, worry, and doubt. Unfounded negative thoughts clog the flow just as gunk clogs a sink.


your mind must not only hold true and pure thoughts — God’s thoughts only — about the material life of yourself and others, and about your physical well-being, but you must know that God’s Mind is the Source of all true thoughts and by perfect faith and trust in Him you thus keep yourself open to the free circulation of His Thoughts in your consciousness about both your affairs and your body, thus creating perfect health and harmony in both. (The Way Out)


The question is, what constitutes an unfounded negative thought? Some people say their negative thinking is justified because such thoughts are natural responses to negative life experiences. This excuse is flawed for several reasons. First, just as experiences influence thought, so does thought influence experience. Secondly, we choose how to mentally and emotionally respond to any given experience in life, meaning there is more than one way to respond.



So we participate in a feedback cycle with reality, experiences shaping our mindset and our mindset influencing our experiences. Choice is what lets us break out of any cycle and initiate a new kind. By assuming there can only be negative responses to negative experiences, people lock themselves into a vicious cycle whereby negative thoughts create negative experiences which in turn seem to “objectively” justify further negative thoughts. By assuming the external world is independent of our internal world, the internal world capitulates to the external world. Because thought effects experience, the only way to break out of this cycle is to choose to think, feel, and act differently than before, in alignment with higher principles rather than old Matrix-programmed assumptions.



Therefore, one must replace fear, worry, and doubt with courage, faith, and confidence regardless of prior negative patterns of experience. This may seem like willfull ignorance or wishful thinking, but there is a difference. Wishful thinking is baseless and proves itself empty when its false assumptions contradict what actually happens. In contrast, unclogging the flow by having courage, faith, and confidence is far from baseless because it stands upon principles that have already been proven through past positive patterns of experiences. Furthermore, rather than contradicting what actually happens, these actually affect what happens.


The quickest way to rid your mind of that old fear of want, fear of your job, fear of the power of money, is to have an absolute trust in your heavenly Father’s loving care and for you to pay out gladly your last dollar for a needed thing. KNOWING that by so doing you make it possible for Him to supply you with plenty more. (The Way Out)


The validity of having courage, faith, and confidence in higher principles is evidenced by the consequent alteration of life experiences for the better.



Increasing the Flow


Because money is a type of flow, we can make a comparison to water flow in order to illustrate the difference between making money the Matrix way or the Divine way. To empty water from a bottle, common sense says to tip it upside down. Sure enough, the water goes “glug” several times and eventually empties. But if instead one first shakes the bottle in a circular motion, the flow forms into a vortex that more rapidly and efficiently drains from the bottle. Nature loves efficiency, and the vortex is nature’s most efficient form of flow. If one initiates an impulse in line with the laws of nature (shaking the bottle / leaping toward a wisely chosen goal on solid faith that the material means will synchronistically fall into place), the resulting flow will be many times more efficient than were these laws ignored. The Matrix method of progress is based on ignorance of higher laws and is inefficient. But if one initiates an impulse in line with those higher laws, progress speeds up as reality aligns via numerous synchronicities, just as flow speeds up as water aligns into the shape of a vortex.


It is as if your needs must keep the stream of money ever flowing, if you would not clog up its source. For money, in its true sense, is the means for the perfect expression of material life even as the blood is the means for the perfect expression of physical health. (The Way Out)


To increase the flow of money, you must exercise your ability to spend it. This is no different from increasing physical energy by exercising your body. Pinching your dollar to save money is like staying physically inactive to conserve energy. Some would say this makes sense, that to increase money one must stop spending it freely, and to increase physical energy one must conserve it. However, in the long run this leads to nothing less than atrophy. Some would say it is paradoxical that in order to increase physical energy one must expend it – but that is precisely what’s needed. Exercise increases your capacity to generate and handle a greater amount of physical energy. Likewise, by exercising your ability to spend money without reservation, you increase your capacity for handling greater flows of money and so flow naturally increases.


It is the pinching and holding on to your last dollar, fearing that no more will come, that actually prevents your receiving more. For giving, more than anything else, helps to open the channel so that supply, both spiritual and material, can freely flow. (The Way Out)


What the Matrix tells us is once again backwards from the truth. You increase money by spending it.



Giving is Receiving


It should now be clear why wisdom teaches that giving is receiving, and why the more we give, the more we receive. People tend to take this at face value and fail to realize the far-reaching implications of this principle. Their interpretation is that we give at our own material expense, and the most we will get in return is some appreciation which should satisfy our hearts by being a fair trade lest we feel guilty for not considering something immaterial a fair compensation for our material expense. This is faux spirituality hiding an underlying conflict between our programmed drive for material survival and programmed drive for social acceptance as seemingly ‘altruistic’ individuals. This twisted doublethink arises because it is based on the false assumption that we give at our own expense.



In truth, by giving, everyone wins. The recipient wins because by becoming open channels for synchronistic flow, you allow this flow to reach him or her through your act of giving. And you win because by being an open channel, more shall flow into your life. A river receives from upstream what it sends downstream. Likewise, what you give, you receive.



The Fallacy of Asceticism


The Matrix Control System takes care of its own. Those who sell their souls and assimilate themselves into the Matrix system of greed, competition, and manipulation are rewarded with sufficient material perks, social status, and power to keep them from wanting to leave.


Then there are people who look upon this system with disgust, seeking instead a path free from materialism. The live in poverty conditions, believing that the only way to be spiritual is to reject the material. However, this belief contains a fatal mistake, one that the Matrix Control System has encouraged because it disarms spiritual seekers from having any real power in the world. In truth, the key to spiritual empowerment is not in rejecting materialism, but in transcending it.



There is a difference between rejecting money and transcending money, for example. The first eliminates money from one’s life, the second eliminates money’s control from one’s life. The first makes one slave to poverty, the second makes one spiritually free from material limitations. The first creates impotence, the second creates power.



Indeed, self-imposed material limitations can detrimentally affect one’s ability to be of service to others. The greatest benefactors of humanity were those who transcended rather than rejected the system and therefore possessed the power to make a difference.



The problem facing those who reject rather than transcend the material world when pursuing spiritual priorities is that they reside in the intermediate void between the lower and higher reality. As mentioned, the Matrix provides material rewards to those who ambitiously carry out their self-serving desires, and the Divine Will (that of the Creator, the Higher Self, etc…) provides material assistance to those who recognize and apply higher principles in dedication to service and awakening. People who live in the void are neither rewarded by the Matrix nor assisted by the higher principles of prosperity they fail to recognize. Believing that material martyrdom is necessary for spiritual progress makes it so.


All there is, is lessons. When one understands this, one no longer searches for the non-existent and unnecessary, safety net. (Cassiopaean Transcripts)


Because our reality is a learning program, material limitations are superceded in priority by metaphysical ends, whether those ends are towards empowering or giving up one’s soul. This is why those who sell their souls become the materialistic elite of this world, and those who empower their souls to enable better service to others also have no worries about material limitations. All is lessons. Material things are just props of the learning program, easily edited and rearranged to suit the learning needs of any individual. Material limitations exist only for those who have yet to develop their full potential, yet to strongly polarize toward the Matrix Control System or the Divine Will.



To summarize, material martyrdom is not necessary for spiritual progress. When in balance, material prosperity naturally arises when priority is given to spiritual prosperity. Where the Divine Will flows, material limitations melt away.



Turning the Tables, Flipping the Boat


When you transcend material limitations, everyone wins but the control system and its power monopolies who rely upon the illusion of finite resources to pose as the sole providers of those resources. When you transcend material limitations by aligning your inner and outer world with a higher reality, you no longer feed the control system. This does more than starve the control system, it actually removes money from the system.



Knowledge of how to open the flow is heavily suppressed for this reason, not by overt suppression against the availability of this knowledge, but rather covert programming of the masses to be unaware or willfully ignorant of it. Before discussing how the Matrix suppresses this knowledge, I must first explain why opening the flow actually harms the control system beyond merely starving it.



Let’s say someone kindly gives you a sum of money for whatever reason, and soon this person, by having opened his flow, receives compensation in an unexpected way from “up the river.” Where does the river start? Where does the money originally come from? The only place it can come from: the Matrix financial system itself. Besides new job opportunities, unexpected sources of money often manifest as surprise rebate checks, unannounced bonuses, miraculous contest and lottery prizes, forgotten savings or inheritance money recently discovered, etc… the possibilities are endless. If it doesn’t come from someone who himself is passing along the flow, then it comes from its ultimate source, the Matrix financial system.



Yes, when people reclaim their divine heritage and open the flow, something amazing happens: money flows from the collective walking dead to the brave family of living souls. It transfers from the Matrix Control System to those who have transcended it. Transcendence is power. This transfer of wealth happens via the phenomenon of synchronistic induction (my term). Synchronistic induction is the rearrangement of lower material circumstances to suit higher divine will. To the lower, this manifests as glitches, accidents, mistakes, accounting errors, freak anomalies, happenstance, synchronicity, etc… but from the higher perspective it is all according to plan and principle. Higher laws override lower laws when they are recognized and applied.



Man Behind the Curtain? What Curtain?


The majority of mankind does not recognize higher laws and consequently cannot apply them. This is by design — and by choice. The Matrix Control System owes its power to the fact that people give it power. Illusion, ignorance, and greed sustain the control system. Freewill is bartered for security and most people live as slaves, perhaps happy slaves but slaves nonetheless. You might see this situation as an injustice, but once you realize that freedom is not denied, simply ignored, the matter is no longer an injustice but rather a tragedy. Like Dorothy, we have always had the power. We have always had the ability to open the flow to prosperity, but it takes a long and arduous road of failure and deception for most to finally recognize and gain confidence in a better way.



But the programming is deep and our fear of failure can be strong enough to cast doubt on the validity of “opening the flow.” We may look at the homeless, the battered, the social and financial failures we see every day in the media, on the streets, in our neighborhood, even in our own families – we look at them and wonder why, if the higher principles of flow are valid and one need only spend to prosper, have they fallen to the bottom? We may look at everyone else but ourselves, and thereby choose for ourselves the very limits others have chosen. This is foolish – the limits of others need not be your own, but the Matrix sure hopes you see it that way.



Understand that besides those who have fallen because of unwise choices, who require such harsh experiences to resolve karma or learn some lesson that could not be learned otherwise, there are other people who exist primarily as “hired clappers” for the Matrix directing the rest of the audience, setting examples for the rest of society to follow. You read about them in the news all the time – examples of what the Matrix says will happen to you if you don’t sell your soul in exchange for the security it offers. This is only a scare tactic, though a very effective one at frightening people into believing they share the same vulnerability and limitations as those advertised through the victims of society.



In truth, only your own experiences, intuition, and reasoning skills can tell you what laws, possibilities, and limitations apply to you. Forget the limitations of others, they are not your own. Only by testing reality can you know what you’re capable of, and whether the higher principles you previously glimpsed are valid and can be counted upon in the future.



Do What You Love, and You Will Love What You Do


When you follow your enthusiasm, acknowledge and act upon the calling of your soul, and do what really interests and satisfies you on a deep spiritual level, that is when the flow opens wide and life becomes effortless, free of the struggles familiar to those still bound by the Matrix.


When you are doing as you should, it is effortless. Let that be your guide. There is no such thing as “hard” work, unless one is going against the “grain.” (Cassiopaean Transcripts)


Some may frown at the word “effortless” and wonder how there can be personal growth without struggle. With this objection there is failure to distinguish between lower and higher interpretations of the terms “effortless” and “struggle.”



The lower interpretation, best suited for life under Matrix control, defines “effortless” living as getting large returns from minimal investments of energy. The Matrix tells people to pride themselves on efficiency since this perpetuates the illusion that resources are finite and must therefore be economized to produce the greatest returns. The “effortless” life in this sense means being at the top and living the high life at the expense of others.



Likewise, within the Matrix system the term “struggle” means spending energy and asserting personal will over the opposing will of others and overcoming material limitations through sheer ambition and perseverance. Relying solely upon themselves to succeed, those who struggle to the top in this manner do so at the expense of their own soul energy and end up as wealthy but hollow shells.


Remember, your reality is a result of your thoughts. If you believe that things are hard, what are you creating? Many of you have spent lifetimes honoring and respecting family members or people of society who you believe are uplifting citizens and who represent to you a certain work ethic and value system. You have not thought to question this work ethic or to see if there is any other way. So you believe that in order to get money you must expend a great amount of energy, or you must be employed by someone who is going to give it to you, or whatever. These ideas are completely and totally erroneous. We cannot emphasize that enough. When you are allowing, Spirit will compensate you in a variety of unexpected ways. The only reason this has not happened before is that you just haven’t believed it was possible. When you believe things are possible, reality changes. (Bringers of the Dawn)


As for the higher interpretations of these terms, applicable to opening the flow and transcending the Matrix, what is meant by “effortless” is that when you follow your heart, all the energy you need to be productive is infinitely supplied in the form of enthusiasm and love. Additionally, material limitations disappear as opportunities synchronistically manifest to assist you. Because your energy to be productive comes from an unlimited source, and reality assists rather than resists your utilization of this energy, life becomes effortless and fun.


State of mind is the name of the game here. We cannot emphasize that to you enough: how you feel about reality and how you program reality is how you are going to respond to it or how it is going to present itself to you. That is why we say, “Go for it! Be outrageous! Do what excites you! Do the impossible!” You can do it. You can do whatever you want to do. You will transform your world no matter what state the world is in.(Bringers of the Dawn)


So, whereas Matrix slaves struggle to pit their own willpower and energy against external obstacles and competition and burn out in the process, these same issues are moot for those who have transcended the Matrix.



This leads to the higher interpretation of “struggle” because once you are free of the material struggles that preoccupy people still stuck in the illusion, you have a more important set of struggles to deal with, namely spiritual ones. By opening the flow, life can become effortless in the material and logistical sense, but spiritual goals and challenges take their place.


Money seems to be an issue with everyone. You all have very definitive beliefs about how money comes to you. The more you believe you must work hard for money, the harder you are going to have to work. Many of you believe it is quite normal to work hard for money, and that if you don’t work hard for money then it is “dirty.” Let us ask you to remember the word effortless and incorporate it into your vocabulary. Say to yourself, “I am effortlessly intending that this come about.” To be effortless is to command to reality to bring itself to you in a way that gives room for plenty of energy to be expended in other experimentation. (Bringers of the Dawn)


This also answers another potential question: “What incentive is there for doing productive work if money manifests simply by spending and giving?”



The answer should be clear. First of all, transcending lower limitations and burdens doesn’t free you of all challenges. In fact, it only frees you of the petty ones so that ideally, you have more time, energy, and resources to do work that actually matters in the big scheme of things. Instead of being preoccupied with chasing illusory goals and butting heads against illusory limits, living by higher principles frees you of these distractions and lets you engage in more meaningful work. This all comes from doing what you can and love to do, rather than suffering through unappealing work because in ignorance of higher principles you feel you have no other choice.


We mentioned before about career. And we mentioned family. When one is engaged in going against the grain, never the twain shall meet. You have seen that by now. Now please recognize that your interests should direct your life from here. To be engaged in unsatisfactory endeavors has led you to this point. Please follow your instinctual objectives. This is what will lead from the gloom into the Glorious Light. (Cassiopaean Transcripts)


Opening flow requires that money come purely as a byproduct of following your heart; money is not an incentive when the heart alone compels you into action. In other words, the “incentive” for doing higher productive work lies beyond material compensation, arising instead from an inner sense of service, compassion, wisdom, courage, and necessity. By acting on these living principles as they are felt and acknowledged, the material details automatically work themselves out.


Seek ye first the desire of the heart and all else falls into place. (Cassiopaean Transcripts)


Transcending the Matrix Control System means entering a new realm of development along spiritual instead of material lines, with the latter no longer being an obstacle. Instead of fighting for material power, for example, one fights for truth and the enlightenment of self and others. Instead of struggling against social or financial competition, one struggles against ignorance. These are definite challenges – but ones motivated by love and destiny rather than greed and social programming.



A Challenge


After reflecting upon your life experiences and hopefully affirming what I have written in this article, are you courageous enough to put this realization to the test? Have no doubt that these principles can be tested, for they are immutable laws.



Here is the challenge. After making an assessment of your current and previous financial situation, commit yourself to applying these higher principles.


When you spend to progress, you prosper. (Cassiopaean Transcripts)


Give a couple dollars to the homeless when they approach you, and donate some money to people, websites, or causes that appeal to your heart. If there is something you or a loved one needs to buy, have no qualms about spending the necessary money. If you need to make necessary repairs to your house or car, do not delay. If there is a book that appeals to your thirst for knowledge and wisdom, get it. And so on. Whatever your heart compels you to do, whatever brightens you from the inside and uplifts your spirits when considering it, do it without regret or worry. Let each act be an affirmation of your confidence in the validity of a better existence.



Know that you can freely do all these things because you are opening yourself as an outlet for the divine will and sending downstream what you shall receive from upstream. With compassion toward whom you are giving, have gratitude toward the source from which you shall be receiving. Know that the less you can fathom the manner in which what you give or spend could ever return to you, the more surprising shall be its return.



After keeping this up for a month, reassess your financial situation. If you have taken the synchronistic opportunities that came your way and even halfway maintained your sense of faith and courage, you will find that despite spending more, you are actually better off than you were before.


However, if you consistently spend on items and activities that harm others, impede your spiritual progress by serving as distractions, or indulge in negativity and egotism, then the flow will diminish. If you are uncertain whether what you are doing, spending on, or giving for is wise, then 1) consult your intuition, and 2) watch how reality “reacts” to your intentions. If you are acting unwisely, not only will there be an inner sense of flatness or resistance, but reality will respond with synchronistic obstacles and mishaps indicating that you are going against the grain of progress. This will always happen when you try to do something that is simply not meant to be, or perhaps not yet meant to be.


Good things happen to those who have patience and avoid anticipation. (Cassiopaean Transcripts)


The biggest killer of flow is anticipation. Anticipation comes from worrying about the future, particularly when following a sequence of steps to create a pre-calculated effect. Some might attempt to apply higher principles solely as a means to obtaining more money. This is backwards from the correct system of following higher principles and letting money come naturally as a material complement to the enrichment of spiritual life. By reversing the process and impatiently anticipating the return after having applied a series of steps in order to “milk” reality of wealth, one merely cuts off flow and suffers the consequence of exploiting higher principles to satisfy lower desires.



The proper way to open flow is to act on principle instead of anticipation. Anticipation is based on the illusions of past and future, principle exists in the only true moment, the present moment. Anticipation is temporal, principle is eternal. Following your heart, or acting from your higher center, negates the need for anticipation because first, doing so fills you with the faith and courage to know it will all work out and thus there is no worry pressing you into obsessing about the outcome, and secondly, instead of implementing a series of steps to create an eventual result, you are responding in the moment to a higher impulse, be it love, enthusiasm, or compassion.



True Reality Creation


The systems of “True Reality Creation” and “Opening the Flow” greatly complement each other. Respectively, these are direct and indirect ways of employing higher principles to improve your life. The first involves intending that things go your way without interference and requesting assistance or protection from higher forces. The second, as covered in this article, involves consciously aligning yourself with the Divine Will.


Together, intending, requesting, and aligning comprise a three-fold system of practical spiritual empowerment.





Opening the flow is opening the door to a new realm of possibilities. It is these possibilities, however, that we were born to explore. We incarnate with a basic list of spiritual priorities and goals but most of us get caught up in the illusion and neglect to fulfill them. Only by seeing through the illusion, acknowledging the reality that lies beyond, going with the flow, acting from the higher center within, following our hearts and heeding our intuition can we regain the clarity and power needed to accomplish what we came here to do and optimally learn what we came here to learn.

further study.



About the author:


MontalkTom / Montalk is an author, researcher, and musician dedicated to empowering others with practical esoteric wisdom and technical knowledge. His published works include an extensive website and the books Fringe Knowledge for Beginners and Discerning Alien Disinformation.


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