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You'll hear from 40+ top doctors, researchers, New York Times bestselling authors and more to show you exactly how to harness the power of energy.

At the Biohack Your DNA Summit – happening August 2 – 10, 2022 – you’ll learn that disease and decline are symptoms of the choices we make. And YOU have the power to make different choices today for a healthier tomorrow. 

You’ll discover how to use epigenetics and the latest medical and scientific advancements to build the best possible version of yourself. Learn from global experts how to reverse the aging process, fortify the brain against cognitive decline, build an immune system born for fighting, heal faster from injuries, and feel vital well into old age. 

Your genetics are the cards you were dealt at birth. Learn how to play those cards well at the Biohack Your DNA Summit


From August 2nd to August 10th, you’ll have access 40+ interviews, each containing powerful insights on DNA Biohacking that you can apply to your own life EASILY

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What you will learn at the Summit

Biohack Your Energy Levels: Unlock the full capacity of your mitochondria - aka the powerhouse of your cells - to fight fatigue and ignite your energy.

Biohack Your Brain: Become the most focused person you know! Fight memory loss, boost cognitive performance, and keep your brain strong at every age.

Biohack Your Genes: Discover the incredible power of epigenetics to activate your disease-fighting genes and minimize the effects of your “worst” genetic traits.

Biohack Your Immunity: Fortify your body against chronic conditions and debilitating diseases like cancer, endometriosis, diabetes, and more.

Biohack Your Metabolism: Balance your gut and strengthen the gut/brain connection to lose weight and improve digestion.

Biohack the Aging Process: Learn how stem cell therapy, Qigong, PEMFs, and more can slow the aging process and reverse the physical effects of aging on the cells.

Biohack Your Heart: Regulate heart health and improve heart rate variability to reduce your risk of heart disease and heart attacks.

Biohack Your Hormones: Learn why we all have different hormonal needs and find your body’s ideal hormonal balance - no hormone replacement therapy needed


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An Introduction to the Survival Paradox and its Architect, the Survival Protein

By Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

In these two chapters, you’ll learn about a fascinating protein in the body called Galectin-3— the “survival protein”—and how addressing it is proving to be THE most important strategy for overcoming pro-inflammatory conditions.

What you’ll get from these chapters:

  • An introduction to the survival paradox, and how it can obstruct healing and fuel life-threatening conditions
  • The role of galectin-3, the body’s master “survival protein” in health and disease

Biohacking Your DNA with CGMs Continuous Glucose Monitors - Tips, Insights and FAQs

By Beverly Yates, ND

Biohack Your Detox DNA & Stop Chemicals Killing You

By Brendan Moorehead, MD

PEMF Therapy for Pain and Inflammation

By William Pawluk, MD, MSc

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Even: Biohack Your DNA Summit
Starts: 2nd August 2022
Cost: FREE to Attend Online

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