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Thu, 20 Aug 2009 00:30 EDT

Kirk Patrick

Toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and uranium are pervasive in much of the environment. While it may not be possible to completely avoid exposure there are many safe, organic and affordable products that help detoxify and eliminate these toxins from the body. This article will provide ten such examples.

  1. Bentonite (Clay) - Aluminium Phyllosilicate (Montmorillonite) Bentonite clay is a form of volcanic ash that has the ability to physically remove from the body up to 25 times its weight in impurities through a process called adsorbtion. Bentonite has laxative properties and contains high levels of iron, magnesium and silicon. Available in two forms (sodium and calcium) bentonite clay is used in cement, ceramics, acne medication, facial clay, cat litter and to clarify wine. Higher grades of clay are safe for ingestion while lower grades are for external use only and thus are of questionable benefit.
  2. Bladderwrack (Sea vegetable) - Fucus vesiculosus (Fucaceae) Bladderwrack is a type of brown seaweed found in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The stem is used medicinally while the thallas (air filled pods) help the algae float. Containing the active components iodine, fucoidan, alginic acid and phenols in varying amounts based on the water where it grew, bladderwrack is used to relieve heartburn and to stimulate both the immune system and thyroid. Bladderwrack has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) - Anabaena sphaerica (Cyanophata) Blue green algae (along with green algae such as Chlorella) contain chlorophyll, an antioxidant and deep green pigment. Bacteria such as Fecal Coliform cannot coexist with chlorophyll, which helps keep fresh water clear. Algae not only contain nearly every required vitamin and mineral, but also have the effect of increasing oxygen while reducing nitrogen and carbon. Chlorella appears to bind to heavy metals to both detoxify and remove them. Studies in Japan following the nuclear disasters at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 showed that 8 grams of Chlorella daily caused a five-fold increase in the amounts of uranium, lead and cadmium that were eliminated.
  4. Burdock (Root) - Arctium lappa (Compositae) A potent blood purifier, burdock root removes heavy metals such as mercury along with other toxins. Containing up to 45% inulin along with arctiopicrin, arctiin, tannins and volatile oil, burdock is used to treat skin conditions such as acne. Burdock helps to purify the liver and is used as a natural cancer treatment. Burdock has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-tumor properties.
  5. Cilantro (Leaf and stem) - Coriandrum Sativum(Umbelliferae) Cilantro contains the antioxidants camphor, carvone, elemol, geraniol and limonene. A natural deodorizer, cilantro relieves nausea, indigestion and bloating. Consuming cilantro (the seeds of which are the spice coriander) helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Cilantro kills Salmonella and removes heavy metals such as mercury from the body. Cilantro has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and can be easily grown in the home garden.
  6. Garlic (Clove) - Allium Sativum (Liliaceae)
    Garlic contains the antioxidant allicin, which is formed from alliin and allinase when the cloves are crushed. Garlic helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol while cleansing the liver. Offering unique health benefits when consumed in raw versus cooked or aged, Garlic has antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.
  7. Glutathione (GSH) - Glutathione is a type of amino acid chain called a tripeptide. Glutathione modulates the order of cell life, a process called homeostasis. Glutathione is essential for handling environmental toxins as it detoxifies carcinogens (in particular arsenic) and helps the body to remove heavy metals such as cadmium, iron and mercury. This helps the metabolism and immune system by removing dead weight. GSH has antioxidant properties.
  8. Onion (Bulb) - Allium Cepa (Liliaceae) Onion contains the antioxidant quercetin. Onion relieves allergy symptoms and congestion along with helping reduce cholesterol. Onion can treat and prevent cataracts, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease and helps remove heavy metals from the body. Onion has antimicrobial properties.
  9. Selenium (Mineral) - Selenium is an essential trace mineral that functions as an antioxidant and promotes a healthy immune system. Required in remarkably small amounts (the RDA is measured in the millionths of a gram), selenium is highly toxic in larger amounts. Selenium has strong anti-cancer effects and is known to help detoxify the body and remove heavy metals including mercury.
  10. Zeolite (Mineral) - Zeolite is a natural combination of volcanic ash and sea water. With a honeycomb-like structure it forms (teeny) tiny cage-like structures that physically trap heavy metals without removing critical minerals. Animal studies show zeolite to actually improve overall nutrition. A patented process purifies zeolite (since it is a heavy metal magnet it is already 'full' when found naturally). Purified zeolite has been shown to help prevent and reverse the growth of cancer cells. While it seems promising, it appears that more independent studies on zeolite are needed as most of the research is published on "Tribute to Zeolite" style web sites that enshrine the product.


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N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) For Mercury Detoxification

What Is NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine)?

NAC is produced in living organisms from the amino acid cysteine. Thus, NAC is a natural sulfur-containing amino acid derivative found naturally in foods and is a powerful antioxidant. These dual properties help repair oxidative damage in the body.

Being a powerful anti-oxidant and cell detoxification co-factor, NAC works to eliminate your body of free radicals and heavy metals. This improves your cellular health tremendously.

How NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) Works To Detoxify From Mercury

Mercury Amalgams : "I don't feel comfortable using a substance designated by the Environmental Protection Agency to be a waste disposal hazard. I can't throw it in the trash, bury it in the ground, or put it in a landfill, but they say it is OK to put it in people's mouths. That doesn't make sense." - Richard. Fischer, D.D.S.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine is currently the dietary supplement of choice for building up cysteine or conserving the body's store of Glutathione, Cysteine and other Sulfhydryl anti-oxidant resources. This is very crucial for the body's life functions, as NAC helps the body neutralize toxins, heavy metals, such as mercury from dental amalgam fillings, cadmium and lead from paint and cigarette smoke. mercury toxicity from amalgams

The Sulfhydryl balance has also been linked to enhance resistance to viral infections.

NAC is a chelator of heavy metals. In other words, NAC binds to toxic heavy metals such as mercury and lead, and removes them from the body. This is a slow process, but most chelating agents, such as EDTA, are generally given intravenously. NAC is one of the most effective oral chelating agents. Taken regularly over a period of time, NAC will remove many toxic heavy metals from the body.

Toxic metals can accumulate in the body over time from many sources such as drinking water and possibly even from tooth fillings made of silver-mercury amalgam. These heavy metals catalyze free-radical reactions. In other words, they initiate free-radical reactions without being used up during the reaction. So these heavy metals continue to cause free radical damage as long as they are present in the body.

NAC has been shown to antidote acetaminophen (Tylenol) poisoning, mercury poisoning, and even arsenic poisoning. Mercury is especially important because of the increasing evidence linking mercury amalgam dental fillings with the onset of degenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. NAC chelates, i.e. "grabs" heavy metals and removes them from the body.

NAC has been shown to be a protective agent in many diseases and conditions in which free radicals play a role. This includes cancer, AIDS, cirrhosis, as well as pollution damage from smoking or other chemicals. Rats given NAC were completely protected against cigarette smoke caused DNA cross-linking.

NAC helps with mercury toxicity and other conditions

Cancer research has shown that NAC dramatically reduces the ability of a tumor to invade surrounding tissue. In one study, NAC decreased the number of metastases by 80% when cancer cells were pretreated with NAC. NAC can be used for colon cancer prevention. A preliminary double-blind placebo-controlled study of NAC enrolled 62 individuals, each of whom had had a polyp removed from the colon. The abnormal growth of polyps is closely associated with the development of colon cancer. In this study, the potential anticancer benefits of NAC treatment were evaluated by taking a biopsy of the rectum. Individuals taking NAC at 800 mg daily for 12 weeks showed more normal cells in the biopsied tissue as compared to those in the placebo group.

Immunologically, NAC greatly enhances T-cell production. In fact, all AIDS patients are deficient in NAC and glutathione. NAC suppresses the replication of HIV in vitro and enhances the ability of certain immune cells to kill pathogens. A double-blind study at Stanford University of 45 people, suggested that NAC may increase levels of CD4+ cells (a type of immune cell) in healthy people and slow CD4+ cell decline in people with HIV. Patient given 3200mg to 8000mg of NAC daily for 6 weeks were roughly twice as likely to survive for 2 years as the subject that did not take NAC.

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) - a friend to your liver

NAC can help to prevent damage to the liver caused from overuse of acetaminophen (Tylenol). NAC is the standard medical treatment for acetaminophen overdose. It is prudent to take NAC whenever one uses acetaminophen.

NAC is an excellent mucolytic agent. It keeps the membranes of the respiratory system moist, thereby lessening the irritation of dry air, dust, and pollutants. It also helps the immune system to do its job properly in the respiratory tract. NAC is available as a prescription drug for this purpose, but you can buy NAC over the counter for far less money.

I spend a lot of time researching the best prices for supplements on the internet, and in my opinion currently the lowest prices on the internet for N-Acetyl-Cysteine are here. I also like Puritan Pride's special "Buy 1 Get 2 FREE" promotions on NAC.

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) - Take Plenty Of Vitamin C

N-Acetyl Cysteine is a more stable compound than taking oral cysteine, but as it is metabolized, some N-Acetyl Cysteine may be oxidized and become insoluble. This may form kidney stones. It is therefore recommended that individuals taking NAC take 3 times as much vitamin C when taking NAC to prevent the NAC from being oxydized. Diabetics should consult their physician before using N-Acetyl-Cysteine, since it may have an insulin-blocking effect.

N-Acetyl Cysteine is one of the pillars of a good mercury detoxification program, the others being chlorella, MSM and the herb cilantro, which is discussed here. My favorite source for organic cilantro in 1 pound bags is here. Garlic is also a good mercury chelator.



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